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“Countess Visits Longbourn” Blog Tour Begins on 2/14!

The book launched on 1/31…so it has been just over a week. I am so pleased with the response…and gratified by the insightful reviews and ratings.

Now on to the Blog Tour…

But before that; if you are an author…particularly one writing a series…one of the greatest difficulties is getting the previous book and the writing experience out of your system. You still are feeling the emotions of the climax and the denouement. You are savoring the “cute” twists and turns you employed.

You are not ready to move on.

May I recommend a blog tour?

Yes…a blog tour. I imagine few, if any, author has ever considered a blog tour as therapy. Think about it. Writing guest posts, extracting portions of the book, and preparing character interviews are remarkable ways to put the work into perspective. You have to separate yourself in order to offer a “God’s Eye View” of your book.

That is therapeutic because you begin to detach from the intimacy of writing and start to wrap yourself in the mantle of reader. You get your nose away from the canvas in the studio and start to look at the work hanging in a gallery.

Thus…I am now in that interval period where I am looking back at The Exile: The Countess Visits Longbourn before looking ahead to The Avenger: Thomas Bennet and a Father’s Lament.

Here is the tour schedule:

14-Feb Austenesque Reviews Guest Post, Excerpt, Giveaway
15-Feb My Jane Austen Book Club Guest Post, Excerpt, Giveaway
17-Feb Austen Authors Post, Excerpt, Giveaway
17-Feb My Love for Jane Austen Character Interview, Giveaway
19-Feb So Little Time…Excerpt, Giveaway
20-Feb Interests of a Jane Austen Girl Review, Giveaway
21-Feb Babblings of a Bookworm Guest Post, Giveaway
23-Feb More Agreeably Engaged Review, Excerpt, Giveaway
24-Feb Darcyholic Diversions Character Interview, Giveaway
26-Feb From Pemberley to Milton Excerpt
28-Feb Just Jane 1813 Review, Giveaway
2-Mar Diary of an Eccentric Guest Post, Excerpt, Giveaway
3-Mar My Vices and Weaknesses Author Interview, Giveaway
5-Mar Laughing With Lizzie Guest Post, Giveaway

Look forward to interacting with all of you! Comments and reviews (Amazon and Goodreads) are cherished.

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