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Lessers—be they servants or secondary characters—have the same dreams and emotions as their betters, proving what Darcy learns, and through him, what Ms Austen so ably demonstrates—that we are truly all the same and that class is an imaginary distinction conferring no better manners on the ‘haves’ and no lesser nobility on the ‘have-nots.’”


Those of us in the Jane Austen world are fortunate to be, at most times, betters. Today, Tomorrow and for months to come there will be so many in the Puerto Rico who will be toiling through what will seem like an endless trial.

We can make a difference through a generous contribution to support these folks as they do their best to make it through today.

The State of New York, home to the largest Continental USA population of Puerto Ricans and US Virgin Islanders (USVI) has opened a clearing house of information to allow concerned persons to contribute to help their fellow Americans who will be suffering from the effects of two major hurricanes for months if not years to come.

This link will take you to the State of New York’s website. Please follow the links to find the charitable organization which fits your needs and desires.

Don is an avid Jane Austen Fan Fiction fan! His “Bennet Wardrobe” stories put a new twist on the Austen canon–time travel. The magical transport ideas of C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling and Susannah Clarke are expanded with a new device. Using it as the “MacGuffin”, the personalities of Austen’s secondary characters are allowed to grow to “satisfying” conclusions, although not necessarily in the Regency Era.

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